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TheTruthSpy v3.8
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Cimic Android App v1.3.2
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... go into the battle with your Commander Lady (the 2nd selectable character) -Perform 70+ heroic quests -50+ Objects (weapons, armours) -Loot weapons and armours or steal them to other players -100+ ...
2. AndRoot
(Rooting Tools)
 Rooting the HTC Hero..... Gain Root Access with AndRoot 1. Download AndRoot and save it to your computer. 2. Plug in your phone via USB cable and mount the sd card so we can transfer ...
IF YOU HAVE A SPRINT HERO ON VERSION 2.27.651.6 OR HIGHER, please download this RUU and run it with the phone plugged in to downgrade to a rootable version of the phone’s firmware THEN continue with the ...
4. hogans_heroes
(Show tunes)
5. acurrency widget
... rate option 2.73 (Nov. 20, 2009) *add Swedish language 2.72 (Nov. 9, 2009) *enlarge history view right margin so that no text will be cut *fixed showing scroll bar problem for Hero *add Italiano ...
6. andropan
... them. Does work on: Eris, Moment, HTC G1-1.6, HTC Magic, Nexus, Moto Droid Milestone - 2.0.1, 2.1 Will not work on Desir, Hero, X10, Incredible    ...
7. What size wallpaper do i need
(site information/Androiddownloadz general)
... out..    Click on your phone below to view your size wallpaper.   lock screens G1 wallpaper Magic wallpaper Hero wallpaper myTouch wallpaper Droid wallpaper Nexus One wallpaper   Here ...
8. Network info
(downloads/hottest downloads)
Share Network Info version 0.4.1 Nework info installed on my htc hero running version 2.2 without any problems. The app is really handy and provides you with all the information you would every need ...
9. wallpaper pick 7-20
(downloads/Pick of the day)
Share   There are all sizes of this wallpaper but the one i used was the 640x480  for my HTC Hero. Installed it and it just looked awesome, very cool made wallpaper..  ...
10. Today's Pick
(downloads/Pick of the day)
Share   And wobble Free version 1.7.2     I Installed this app from my Pc and tried it out with the HTC Hero. It worked really well and i had no trouble figuring out the configuration. This is the ...
11. How to make your own wallpaper for android
(Android How To Articles/android - how to articles)
Share It is really easy to make your own custom wallpaper for your Android™ phone. Really the only thing you have to do is get the size and file type correct and you have made your own custom wallpaper. ...
12. Using the HTC Hero as a USB Modem
(Android How To Articles/android - how to articles)
Share You can use your HTC Hero as a modem with Windows XP and Vista. Here is how to do it......   In order to use this feture on your phone  the HTC Sync software has to be installed on your PC. ...
13. Transferring files HTC Hero
(Android How To Articles/android - how to articles)
Share Transferring files to the HTC Hero The HTC Hero supports a wide variety of file types that give you the ability to upload music, take photos and documents with you on the go. Transferring files ...
14. Enhance Battery Life HTC Hero
(Android How To Articles/android - how to articles)
Share How to Enhance Battery Life HTC Hero There are many ways to improve or even double the battery life of your HTC Hero phone. Turn off the Always On Mobile Data Connection This is one ...
15. Android Wallpaper sizes
(android phone articles and news/All android phone articles)
Share Need to know what size wallpaper for your android phone? Below is a list of wallpaper sizes for the most popular Android phones..   HTC Eris wallpaper size= 640x480.  HTC Hero wallpaper size ...
16. Android phones specs and reveiws
(android phone articles and news/All android phone articles)
...  g2-touch htc-desire htc-dream-phone htc-hero htc-magic2 htc-tattoo huawei-u8230 lg-intouch-max motorola-backflip ...
17. PC suite for Android
In general the complex games sell better than the simple ones. Although Superhero Dynamite loves his explosions, he is not immune to his own bombs and that makes it more fun to collect bonuses in risky ...

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